Your Health: Consult Experts, Your Deen: Consult Google? - Maulana Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

- In our lives, whenever we don’t know something, then it is very normal to refer those who know. Referring to an expert is a given; there no need to prove its validity. (16:43)  

- However, we should know whom to refer to. When we feel sick, there are different level of people who have some knowledge of medicine: a nurse; a pharmacist or a doctor or a specialist

- Even when it to comes to the doctor, we would like to be sure that he is certified to do what he is claiming to do.

- When it comes to medical science, it is not enough that the person has completed his medical school and has a MD degree – he must go through internship program under guidance of a qualified doctor

- There are two fields of knowledge which are highly respected in Islam: ‘ilm abdan and ‘ilm adyan. One deals with the body of human beings while the other deals with their souls

- If a young person who has just finished the elementary levels or the secondary level of hawza comes into the community – it is okay for him to start preaching but not presenting his own views against the views of the senior marãji‘.

- Remember that in fiqhi issues one cannot give his opinion unless he is a mujtahid – one who has gone through study of ijtihad under a qualified scholar and given the certificate to follow his own opinion. 

- And a mujtahid does not immediately become a qualified marja‘.

- The example of Shahīd Muṭahhari, in his book on Mas’ala-e Ḥijāb, expresses some of his own views on the issue of face-veil and then says: “What I have explained is based on my research and the brothers & sisters should follow the fatwa of their marja‘.” 

- That is the attitude of a matured and responsible scholar.

- If someone has done original research by the proper method of ijtihad and has something new to offer, then the proper method is that he should go and present that to the circle of experts in that field; not to the lay people who aren't as well versed as experts

- Addressing an example of someone in a medical conference who started discussing and passing judgement on Islamic rulings which he wasn't well-versed in

- Discussing the above example of legitimate wealth mixed with illegitimate wealth, and how to deal with it

Friday Juma Khutba 

Recited By: Maulana Syed Muhammad Rizvi

Date: January 25th, 2019