Your Social Media Usage Can Kill Muslim Unity - Strong Advice

No one can cause damage to Islam. Not from within, not from outside. What only people cause damage to is the Unity and strength of our society. People think Islam is something so low by presenting a fictional problem as one that can destroy the ummah and Islam just to gain meager views and likes. People will have opinions. Even two brothers who are raised in the same home do not have same opinions! How can you expect people within a large community, from different countries and backgrounds to have the same opinion? Let us learn to be mature and start living with each other with respect and honor. Accept and respect each other's differences. We would hate to see a community being divided due to petty matters.

We are told sometimes people come forward and what? Spread rumors about this person, have suspicious doubts about this individual, Allah says make sure you are careful when it comes to 'dhan.' You know what happens in reality, this is what happens. People often post something like this. They say, you know, I am not really sure I think this is what happened or did you hear? Or the best one is what I'm not supposed to say, but I'll tell you anyway.

That is the best one. Yes, when they when they are not sure or they somehow gossip or they have heard from here and there, the chit chatting, the gossiping, especially on WhatsApp, the freedom to dissect the lives of others, to fabricate, to distort is very dangerous. Today, we must tackle it. Lest in 10 or 15 years time, our children, our youth, are what, are God forbid, lost. We have to face this reality and challenge these aspects because we cannot be the same as disbelievers who do not necessarily have a constitution for the safety and the well-being of spiritual presence as well as physical.

We are different. Don't tell me all you know what? Why are you putting all these restrictions? It is for our own benefit. Islam is there to help our growth, our development. Yes, likewise. What do we talk? What are we told? "Wa la tajasassu" (49:12) Do not spy on others.

The Quran, Look at this, it is as if Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala knows this can be clearly applied towards what? Social media, and the way people utilise it to spy necessarily on others to obtain information on whom, on others. What do we find, we find within this, the Quran comes and then says, "Wa la yaghtab ba'adhakum ba'dha" (49:12) Do not backbite each other. Allahu Akbar.

The Quran likens it to eating the flesh of your brother, the body of your brother or sister. Islam has denounced backbiting. What is back biting? Back biting very quickly and simply is when you and I mention what faults or aspects which are hidden from people about our brothers and sisters. Yes, which they dislike, which they do not like.

And even if it is apparent which they also dislike and sometimes people say, well, you know, everyone can see this, but they do not want you to mention it. It brings about animosity, it brings about hatred, it breaks down relationships. The Quran and teachings of the Ahlul Bayt denounce backbiting. Do you know what our sixth Imam says. That if an individual seeks to destroy the reputation of another believer by speaking ill of them, Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala takes Him out of his wilayah.

In other words, Allah will not be his guardian, his protector, and He will make Shaytan to be his guardian and protector. But do you know what Imam as-Sadiq says? The Shaytan will also say, I do not want you as well. To the extent: kharaja min wilayat Allah ila wilayat al shaytan, fa la yaqbalaho bi shaytan . Shaytan doesn't want that individual. Why? Because of the severity of the actions that they have committed.

Backbiting is therefore is of the utmost importance that we have to be careful not to fall into the sins of and be very, very careful in our conduct and what we say about others, how we mentioned others. That is what, of great importance.