12) Imam ‘Ali’s (‘a) Comparison with Prophet Jesus (‘a)

Ibn Hanbal says:

‘Abdullah bin Ahmad has related to us from Abu al-Harth Surayj bin Yunus from Abu Hafs Abbar from Hakam bin ‘Abd al-Malik from Harth bin Hasirah from Abi Sadiq from Rabi‘ah bin Najidh from (Imam) ‘Ali (‘a), who narrates:

The Messenger of Allah (S) told me:

“Fika mathalun min ‘Isa, abghazathu al-Yahud hatta bahatu ummahu, wa ahabbathu al-Nasara hatta anzaluhu bi al-manzilati allati laysa bih (You are like Jesus. The Jews hated him so much that they slandered his mother, and the Christians because of their extreme devotion to him placed him in a position which was not his.”

Then (Imam) ‘Ali (‘a) said:

“Yuhliku fiyya rajulan, muhibbun mufritun yuqarrizuni bi ma laysa fiyya, wa mubghizun yahmiluhu shan’ani ‘ala an yabhatani (Two persons [groups] are doomed concerning me; the devoted extremist exalting me to what I am not, and the spiteful hater bearing malice towards me and slandering me).1

The annotator of the Musnad considers the isnad of this hadith as hasan (fair).

  • 1. Al-Musnad, hadith no. 1376 and also hadith no. 1377 with a slight variation in its text and a different chain of authority (Ahmad Shakir).