13) Sadaqah Forbidden to the Prophet’s Progeny

Ibn Hanbal says:

Muhammad bin Ja‘far has related from Shu‘bah from Burayd bin Abi Maryam from Abi Hawra’ who narrates the hadith that he told (Imam) Hasan bin ‘Ali (‘a):

“What memories do you have of (your grandfather) the Messenger of Allah (S).”

He replied:

“I remember that once when I picked up a date from the dates that were part of zakat and placed it in my mouth, the Messenger of Allah (S) pulled it out of my mouth together with the saliva around it and threw it among the rest of the dates. He was asked (by his companions):

O Messenger of Allah (S)! What would have happened if you had not taken from the child this one date?

He replied:

Inna Al-a Muhammad la tahillu lana al-sadaqah... (For us the progeny of Muhammad, sadaqah [alms] is not permissible).”1

According to Ahmad Shakir the isnad of this hadith are sahih. This hadith with slight variation in its text or chain of authority has been repeated over fifteen times in the Musnad.2

  • 1. Al-Musnad, hadith no. 1727 (Ahmad Shakir)
  • 2. Among these mention could be made of Hadith nos. 1723, 1725, 1731, & 7744 of Musnad. Also refer to al-Salafi: Murshid al-Muhtar, vol. 1, p. 177 for similar hadith.