16) Prophecy of the Martyrdom of Imam Husayn (‘a)

Ibn Hanbal says:

Muhammad bin ‘Ubayd has related to us from Sharhabil bin Madrak from ‘Abdullah bin Nujayy from his father who narrates that he was marching with (Imam) ‘Ali (‘a) towards Siffin and when we reached Ninevah, (Imam) ‘Ali (‘a) cried in a loud voice:

“O Aba ‘Abdillah! Be patient. O Aba ‘Abdillah! Be patient beside the River Euphrates.”

I asked him:

For what?

He said:

“Once when I went to the Prophet I saw tears in his eyes and asked him:

O Messenger of Allah (S) who has made you upset? Why are your eyes moist with tears?

He said:

Bal qama min ‘indi Jibra’ilu qabl, fahaddathani anna al-Husayn yuqtulu bishatt al-Furat. Qala: Hal laka an ushimaka min turbatih? Qala: Qultu: Na‘am. Famadda yadahu faqabaza qabzatan min turabin fa a‘taniha. falam amliku ‘ayni an fazata (A while ago [the Archangel] Gabriel left. He has informed me that indeed Husayn will be killed beside the River Euphrates.

Then he [the Prophet] said:

Do you like to smell part of his soil [where Imam Husayn (‘a) will be killed].

I said:


He stretched his hand and taking a fistful of soil gave it to me. As a result, tears started rolling down uncontrollably from my eyes.)”1

The annotator of the Musnad regards the isnad of this hadith as sahih and writes that Nujayy is not the only one to narrate this from Imam ‘Ali (‘a).

  • 1. Ibid, hadith no. 6480 (Ahmad Shakir).