6) Hadith al-Ghadir

Ahmad bin Hanbal says:

‘Abdullah bin Ahmad relates from ‘Ali bin Hakim Awdi from Sharik from Abi Ishaq from Sa‘id bin Wahab and Zayd bin Yuyhay‘ both of whom have narrated:

(Imam) ‘Ali (‘a) complained and addressed the people at Rahbah, saying:

“All those who had heard the Prophet’s words at Ghadir Khum, stand up.”

The narrator says:

Six persons on behalf of Sa‘id and six persons on behalf of Zayd stood up and bore testimony that they heared the Prophet say on the Day of Ghadir:

“A laysa Allahu awla bi al-mu’minin? Qalu: Bala. Qala: Allahumma man kuntu mawlah fa ‘Aliyyun mawlah. Allahumma wali man walah wa ‘adi man ‘adah (Is not God superior to the faithful?

Yes! said the gathering. He said:

O Allah! For whomsoever I am master ‘Ali is his master. O Allah! befriend his friends and despise his enemies)”.1

Ibn Hanbal has recorded the event of Ghadir over 30 times in his Musnad through different isnad or chains of authority and in the words of more than 10 companions of the Prophet.2

The version of Hadith al-Ghadir mentioned above is from the notes of Ibn Hanbal’s son ‘Abdullah on his father’s work. Ahmad Shakir the annotator of the Musnad has described as sahih the isnad of this hadith and has said about Sa‘id bin Wahab Khaywani that he was among the trustworthy and experienced Muslims of the first generation after the Prophet.3

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