7) Preventing the Prophet from Writing the Will

Ahmad bin Hanbal says:

Wahab bin Jarir has related from his father from Yunus from Zuhari from ‘Ubaydullah that ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abbas narrated a hadith to us that the Prophet said in his last days:

“Come, I will write for you a text so that you will never go astray after me”.

Several persons including ‘Umar bin al-Khattab were present and ‘Umar told the gathering:

Pain has prevailed upon the Prophet. The Qur’an is with you and the Book of Allah is sufficient for us.

The gathering disputed with each other in this matter, with some repeating ‘Umar’s words and others telling him (‘Umar):

Hearken, so that the Prophet may write something for you.

Since voices were raised and disputes arose the Prophet felt distressed and told them firmly:

“Get up and leave my presence”.

Ibn ‘Abbas added:

The great tragedy is that, by their dispute and clamour, they prevented the Prophet from writing the will for them.1

Ahmad Shakir describing the isnad of this hadith as sahih,2writes: This hadith has been repeated in this book (Musnad) in the same words or in a summarized form in several places.3

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