Characteristics related to the Number Twelve

The twelve caliphs and Divine leaders after the Prophet

یلی هذا الامر اثنا عشر. قال: فصرخ الناس فلم أسمع ما قال، فقلت لابی و کان أقرب الناس إلی رسول الله صلی الله علیه و آله منی فقلت: ما قال رسول الله صلی الله علیه و آله؟ فقال: “قال: کلهم من قریش و کلهم لا یری مثله”.

The Prophet said: “There will be twelve people who will rule this nation.” The narrator adds that then the people made some noise and I could not hear what the Prophet (S) said. I asked my father, who was closer to God's Prophet (S) than others, “What did the Prophet say?” My father said: 'The Prophet (S) said: “They are all from the Quraysh.”' 1

There are twelve advantages in brushing the teeth

قال النبي صلى الله عليه وآله في وصيته لعلی علیه السلام: “يا علي السواك من السنة وهو مطهرة للفم ويجلو البصر ويرضي الرحمن ويبيض الاسنان ويذهب بالحفر ويشد اللثة ويشهي الطعام ويذهب بالبلغم ويزيد في الحفظ ويضاعف الحسنات وتفرح به الملائكة.”

The Prophet (S) told Ali b. Abi Talib (A): “O Ali! Brushing the teeth with a toothbrush is a recommendable practice since it cleans the mouth, improves vision, pleases the Merciful Lord, whitens the teeth, removes the mouth's bad smell, strengthens the gums, improves the food's taste, alleviates the phlegm, improves memory, increases reward for good deeds and makes the angels happy.” 2

The twelve dirhams donated to the Prophet (S)

Imam Sadiq (A) reports that a man went to see God's Prophet (S). When he saw that the Prophet's shirt was old, he gave him twelve dirhams (silver coins). The Prophet (S) said: “O Ali! Take this money and buy me a shirt with it.” Ali (A) said: “I went and bought the Prophet (S) a shirt with twelve dirhams and took it to the Prophet (S).” The Prophet (S) looked at it and said: “O Ali! I would like a different shirt! Do you think that the seller would take it back?”

Ali (A) replied: “I do not know.” The Prophet (S) said: “Then try it.” Ali (A) went back to the seller and told him: “The Prophet of God (S) doesn't like this shirt. He wants another shirt. Please take it back and return my money.” Then he returned the money to the Prophet (S). The Prophet (S) accompanied Ali (A) to buy another shirt. They came across a slave girl who was sitting there and crying.

The Prophet (S) asked her: “Why are you crying?” She said: “O Prophet of God! My master gave me four Dirhams with which to buy things from the market. I don't know where I lost that money. Now I don't have the courage to go back home.” The Prophet (S) gave her four dirhams and told her: “Buy whatever you had to buy and go back home.”

Then the Prophet (S) went to the market to buy a shirt for himself for four dirhams. He (S) put it on, praised God, the Honourable the Exalted and returned. On his way back from the market, the Prophet (S) saw an unclothed man who kept on saying: “God will put heavenly attire on whoever clothes me.” Then the Prophet (S) took off his shirt and put it on the needy man.

Then the Prophet (S) himself went to the market to buy another shirt for himself with the last four dirhams. He (S) put it on, praised God, the Honourable the Exalted and returned. On his way back, he came across the slave-girl again who was sitting there and crying. The Prophet (S) asked her: “Why didn't you go home?” She replied: “O Prophet of God! It is too late for me to return and I am afraid that they might beat me.”

The Prophet of God (S) said: “Walk ahead of me and take me to your house.” The Prophet (S) walked with her until they reached her house. He stopped at the door and said: “O residents of this house, Peace be upon you!” There was no response. He gave greetings again but they did not respond. So he greeted them for the third time. Then they said: “O Prophet of God! Please, His Blessings and His Mercy be upon you!”

The Prophet (S) asked: “So what was the reason that you didn't respond to my greeting the first and the second time?” They said: “O Prophet of God! Yes! After hearing your voice for the first time we came to know that it was you. However, we loved to hear your voice over and over again.” God's Prophet (S) said: “Your slave-girl has taken a long time to come back. Hence, I have come to request that you do not punish her.” They said: “O Prophet of God! Due to the blessing of your gracious arrival at our home, we have set this slave-girl free.” The Prophet (S) said:

الحمد لله ما رأيت اثني عشر درهما أعظم بركة من هذه، كسا الله بها عاريين و أعتق نسمة

“Praise is due to God. I have not seen any twelve dirhams more blessed than these. With them, God clothed two unclothed persons and freed a slave-girl. ”3

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