Characteristics related to the Number One

Abandoning the present to attain the promised

طوبی لمن ترک شهوة حاضرة لموعود لم یره

Blessed be the one who abandons a current tangible desire to attain an unseen promised reward.1

A believer's honor is in one practice and his glory is in one characteristic

It is reported from Prophet Muhammad (S) that the Gabriel went to him and said:

جاء جبرئیل علیه السلام إلی النبی صلی الله علیه و آله فقال: “یا محمد عش ما شت فانک میت و احبب ما شت فانک مفارقه و اعمل ما شت فانک مجزی به و اعلم ان الشرف الرجل قیامه بالیل و عزه استغناؤه عن الناس.”

O Muhammad! Live for as long as you want. You will finally die. Love whatever you want. You will finally be separated from it. Do whatever you want. You will finally be rewarded for it. Know that a man's honour is in his staying up at night and his dignity is in his independence from people. 2

A characteristic that constitutes half of the religion

حسن الخلق نصف الدین

Being good-tempered constitutes half of the religion.3

► A characteristic that is the best thing given to a Muslim

قیل لرسول الله صلی الله علیه و آله: “ما افضل ما اعطی المرء المسلم؟” قال: “الخلق الحسن”.

God's Prophet was asked: “What is the best thing given to a Muslim?” He replied: “A good temper”.4

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