Characteristics related to the Number Six

If you do six things, you would be admitted to Paradise

تقبلوا لی بست أتقبل لکم بالجنة: إذا حدثتم فلا تکذبوا وإذا وعدتم فلا تخلفوا وإذا ائتمنتم فلا تخونوا وغضوا أبصارکم و احفظوا فروجکم و کفوا أیدیکم وألسنتکم.

Promise me that you will do the following six things and then I will promise you that you will go to Paradise. Do not lie when you quote something. Never break your promise. Return what you are entrusted with. Do not look at what is forbidden to see. Guard your modesty. Do not bother people physically or verbally.1

Six forms of chivalry

ست من المروءۃ: ثلاث منها فی الحضر وثلاث منها فی السفر، فأما التی فی الحضر: فتلاوة کتاب الله عز و جل و عمارة مساجد الله واتخاذ الاخوان فی الله عز و جل وأما التی فی السفر: فبذل الزاد وحسن الخلق والمزاح فی غیر المعاصی”

There are six forms of chivalry. Three of them are for when you are at home and three others are for when you are travelling. The three for when you are at home are: reciting the book of God the Honourable and Exalted, developing and promoting God's Mosques and making friends for the sake of God, the Honourable and Exalted.

The three for when you are travelling are: to give to others from your own travel provisions, being good-tempered and joking regarding things other than acts of disobedience.2

Seek refuge from six characteristics

کان رسول الله صلی الله علیه و آله یتعوذ فی کل یوم من ست {خصال} من الشک و الشرک والحمیة والغضب والبغی والحسد.

God's Prophet (S) used to seek refuge from six characteristics every day: doubt, associating partners with God, bias, anger, injustice and jealousy.3

Six rights of a quadruped incumbent upon its owner

للدابة علی صاحبها ست خصال: یبدأ بعلفها إذا نزل ویعرض علیها الماء إذا مر به ولا یضرب وجهها فإنها تسبح بحمد ربها ولا یقف علی ظهرها إلا فی سبیل الله عز و جل ولا یحملها فوق طاقتها ولا یکلفها من المشی إلا ما تطیق.

A quadruped has six rights incumbent upon its owner. When he stops, he should feed it first. He should give it water whenever it passes by water. He should not hit it on the face, since it glorifies God with its face. He should not ride on its back, unless it is in the way of God. He should not overload it beyond its capability. He should not force it to walk more than it can.4

There are six who are damned

ستة لعنهم الله وکل نبی مجاب: الزاید فی کتاب الله والمکذب بقدر الله والتارک لسنتی والمستحل من عترتی ما حرم الله و المتسلط بالجبروت لیذل من أعزه الله و یعز من أذله الله والمستأثر بفیء المسلمین المستحل له.

There are six groups of people who are damned by God and all the Prophets (whose calls are accepted): Those who add to any divine book, those who deny the divine decree, those who abandon my Sunnah (Traditions), those who allow what God has forbidden regarding my Itrat, those who take power by force to debase those whom God has honoured and honour those whom God has debased, those who misappropriate public money that belong to all Muslims.5

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