Characteristics related to the Number Seven

Blessed be those who believe without having seen the Prophet

طوبی لمن رآنی و آمن بی، ثم طوبی یقولها سبعا لمن لم یرنی و آمن بی.

“Blessed be those who meet me and believe.” Then the Prophet added: “Blessed be those who believe in me without having seen me.” He then repeated it seven times.1

Seven people who will be in the shade of God's Throne on Resurrection Day

سبعة فی ظل عرش الله عز و جل یوم لا ظل إلا ظله: إمام عادل و شاب نشأ فی عبادة الله عز وجل ورجل تصدق بیمینه فأخفاه عن شماله و رجل ذکر الله عز و جل خالیا ففاضت عیناه من خشیة الله عز و جل و رجل لقی أخاه المؤمن فقال: إنی لاحبک فی الله عز و جل و رجل خرج من المسجد وفی نیته أن یرجع إلیه و رجل دعته امرأة ذات جمال إلی نفسها فقال: إنی أخاف الله رب العالمین.

Seven people will be in the Shade of God, the Honourable and Exalted 's Throne on the day in which there is no shade except for His Shade: just leaders, young people who have grown up in the worship of God, men who give charity in private such that even their left hands do not realize what they gave with their right hands (stressing the fact that they give charity in such a way that no one else sees it).

Men who remember God, the Honorable and Exalted when they are alone and cry due to fear of God, the Honourable and Exalted, men who upon seeing their believing brethren say, 'I like you for the sake of God, the Honorable and Exalted ', men who intend to return to the Mosque whenever they leave it, men who when enticed by a beautiful woman do not accept her invitation and say that they fear the Lord of all the worlds.” 2

God's Prophet (S) gave Abu Dharr seven pieces of advice

قال أبی ذر رحمة الله علیه قال: “أوصانی رسول الله بسبع أوصانی أن أنظر إلی من هو دونی و لا أنظر الی من هو فوقی وأوصانی بحب المساکین و الدنو منهم وأوصانی أن أقول الحق و إن کان مرا وأوصانی أن أصل رحمی وإن أدبرت و أوصانی أن لا أخاف فی الله لومة لائم وأوصانی أن أستکثر من قول “لا حول و لا قوة إلا بالله {العلی العظیم}” فانها من کنوز الجنة”

Abu Dharr said: “God's Prophet (S) gave me seven pieces of advice. He advised me to always consider the situation of people who are in a worse position (less affluent) than I am. The Prophet (S) advised me never to consider the situation of those who are in a better position (more affluent) than I am.

The Prophet (S) advised me to like the poor and associate with them. The Prophet (S) advised me to tell the truth even though it may be unpleasant. The Prophet (S) advised me to visit my relatives, even if they have cut off relations with me. The Prophet (S) advised me not to fear the blame of those who blame me for the sake of God. The Prophet (S) advised me to often say 'There is neither any power nor any strength except with God, the Sublime, the Great' as it is one of the treasures of Paradise.” 3

The belief of one who has seven characteristics is complete

قال النبي صلى الله عليه وآله في وصيته لعلی علیه السلام: “ياعلي، سبعة من كن فيه فقد استكمل حقيقة الايمان وأبواب الجنة مفتحة له: من أسبغ وضوء‌ه وأحسن صلاته وأدى زكاة ماله وكف غضبه وسجن لسانه واستغفر لذنبه وأدى النصيحة لاهل بيت نبيه.”

God's Prophet (S) told Ali b. Abi Talib (A): “O Ali! The belief of one who has the following seven characteristics is complete and the gates of Paradise shall open up for him: to perform the (ritual) ablution properly, to say the prayers properly, to pay the alms, to quench one's anger, to control one's tongue, to seek God's forgiveness for sins and to (follow and) wish good for the Prophet's Household.” 4

God would send seven calamities upon people if He gets angry with them and yet does not destroy them

إذا غضب الله عزوجل على امة ولم ينزل بها العذاب غلت أسعارها وقصرت أعمارها ولم تربح تجارها ولم تزك ثمارها ولم تغزر أنهارها وحبس عنها أمطارها وسلط عليها (أ) شرارها.

If God, the Honourable and Exalted, becomes angry with a nation and does not destroy them, He will bring about inflation, shorten their lives, bring loss to their trade, reduce the amount of fruit grown on their trees, reduce the amount of water flowing in their streams, withhold rain from them and wicked ones will prevail over them.5

Love for the Prophet and his Household (pbut) is beneficial on seven occasions

حبي وحب أهل بيتي نافع في سبعة مواطن، أهوالهن عظيمة: عند الوفاة وفي القبر وعند النشور وعند الكتاب وعند الحساب وعند الميزان وعند الصراط.

Love for me and my Household would be beneficial on seven occasions: at the time of death, in the grave, at the time of Resurrection, at the time of receiving one's record of deeds, at the time of reckoning, at the time of examining good and bad deeds and at the time of crossing the Bridge.6

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