Characteristics related to the Number Ten

Ten characteristics which are due to nobility

عن أبي عبدالله الصادق عليه السلام: “أن الله تبارك وتعالى خص رسول صلى الله عليه واله بمكارم الاخلاق فامتحنوا أنفسكم فإن كانت فيكم فاحمدوا الله عزوجل وارغبوا إليه في الزيادة منها، فذكرها عشرة: اليقين والقناعة والصبر والشكر والرضا وحسن الخلق والسخاء والغيرة والشجاعة والمروء‌ة.

Aba Abdullah Sadiq (A) said: “Indeed God, the Blessed and Sublime, has granted God's Prophet (S) noble characteristics. Examine yourselves. If you have them, praise God, the Honourable and Exalted, and ask Him for their increase. Then Imam Sadiq (A) mentioned the following ten: certitude, contentment, perseverance, gratitude, contentedness, being good-tempered, generosity, zeal, bravery and chivalry.” 1

► A believer without ten characteristics is not intelligent

لم يعبد الله عزوجل بشئ أفضل من العقل ولايكون المؤمن عاقلا حتى يجتمع فيه عشر خصال: الخير منه مأمول والشر منه مأمون، يستكثر قليل الخير ممن غيره ويستقل كثير الخيرمن نفسه ولايسأم من طلب العلم طول عمره ولا يتبرم بطلاب الحوائج قبله، الذل أحب إليه من العز والفقر أحب إليه من الغنى، نصيبه من الدنيا القوت والعاشرة وما العاشرة لايرى أحدا إلا قال هو خير مني وأتقى، إنما الناس رجلان فرجل هو خير منه وأتقى وآخر هو شر منه وأدنى، فاذا رأى من هو خير منه وأتقى تواضع له ليلحق به وإذا لقى الذي هو شر منه وأدنى قال: عسى خير هذا باطن وشره ظاهر وعسى أن يختم له بخير، فاذا فعل ذلك فقد علا مجده وساد أهل زمانه.

God, the Honourable and Exalted, has not been worshipped by anything better than the intellect. A believer is not intelligent unless he has ten characteristics: Good is expected from him. Evil is not expected from him (people should feel safe from his wickedness).

He values highly whatever goodness he receives from others and undervalues whatever goodness he does for people. He does not become tired of acquiring knowledge throughout his lifetime. He does not become fed up due to the requests of the needy ones from him. Humbleness should be better in his opinion than pride. Poverty should be better in his opinion than being wealthy. His share of this world should only be his daily sustenance.

The tenth characteristic which is extremely important is that he should consider everyone he sees to be more pious and better than himself. Indeed people are only of two kinds. The first group are those who are really better than he is, and the second group are those who are more wicked than he is. He should be humble when he meets someone who is better and more pious than himself, until he attains his rank.

If he meets someone who is apparently more wicked than himself, he should say may be in reality I am more wicked than him or may be that person is a good person so as to end up with a better condition of faith and piety. Should he behave this way, he will become honourable and will prevail over people of his own time. 2

Islam is founded upon ten pillars

بني الاسلام على عشرة أسهم: على شهادة أن لا إله إلا الله وهي الملة والصلاة وهي الفريضة والصوم وهو الجنة والزكاة وهي الطهر والحج وهي الشريعة والجهاد وهو الغزو (العز) والامر بالمعروف وهوالوفاء والنهي عن المنكر وهو الحجة والجماعة وهي الالفة والعصمة وهي الطاعة.

Islam is founded upon ten pillars which are as follows: bearing witness that 'There is no god but God' - that is the basis of a Muslim's faith, prayer which is an obligatory deed, fasting which is a shield against the fire, payment of the alms which purifies one's possessions, going on the Hajj pilgrimage which is a decree, participating in struggle for the sake of God which is to fight (alternative version: an honour), enjoining to do good deeds which is persistence in belief, prohibiting the bad which is giving an ultimatum, attending congregational prayers which results in mutual sympathy and avoiding sins which is the basis of obedience.3

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