13: To Stand Up With Respect At The Mention Of Imam’s Name

Whenever one utters the name or title of Imam (as) one should stand up in respect, as had been the practice of the Twelver Shias. The textual proof can be cited from the report regarding Imam Sadiq (as) as quoted in the book Najmus Thaqib. The report says that one day the name of Imam az-Zaman (aj) was mentioned in assembly of Imam Sadiq (as). When the name was uttered, Imam Sadiq (as) stood up in respect.1

That standing up in respect is recommended (Mustahab) is proved from this above tradition, but there are some occasions when it is obligatory to do so. For example, when the name of Imam (as) is uttered and all the people stand up. Anyone who continues to sit without any valid excuse has disrespected Imam (as). And there is no doubt that disrespect towards Imam (as) is haraam, because it tantamount to disrespect of Allah.

  • 1. Biharul Anwar, Vol. 44, Pg. 278