18. Dahwul Arz Day - Day Of Earth’s Expansion

It is the 25th of Zilqad (when Allah expanded the earth). Praying for the reappearance of Imam az-Zaman (aj) and asking for his advent has been tremendously emphasized for this day, as can be seen in Iqbaalul Aamaal and Zaadul Maad1 (of Allamah Majlisi). Some of the points in this context really make the hearts tremble, and hence, we shall mention a few of them over here as encouragement:

1. It (25th Zilqad) is like a day when the reappearance of Imam az-Zaman (aj) has been promised by Allah. When a believer sees that this day of the year has arrived but his master has not come, he becomes sorrowful and his grief is aggravated, Thus, his intellect and belief exhort him to pray even more for the reappearance.

2. On this day, divine mercy is spread and invocations are accepted. So, the believer for whom his Imam (aj) is dearer than his own self, his family, his children and his relatives, will pray from the depth of his heart for the removal of the difficulties of his master (aj).

3. This day is of bounty conferred by Allah on His creation because He expanded the earth so that he may live in it and reside therein. Moreover, he can derive pleasures from the various kinds of bounties that grow from the earth, descend on it and inhabit it. When he realizes that all these gifts bestowed on him are due to the blessing of his master (aj), he feels it as his duty to thank him through supplications in his favor. For sure, he is the medium of these bounties that cannot be overlooked.

4. Traditions have underlined the significance of being engrossed in the remembrance of Allah, Mighty and Glorified be He, on this day. There is no doubt that praying for the reappearance of Imam-e-Asr (aj) is the best form of Allah’s remembrance.

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