19. Ashura Day

The authors of Iqbaalul Aamaal, al-Mazaar and Zaadul Maad have narrated a tradition from Imam Sadiq (as) on the authority of Abdullah Ibne Sinan (Allah’s mercy be on him), which commences with the following sentence:

اللهم عذب الفجرة الذين شاقوا رسولك

“O Allah! Chastise the transgressors who bore enmity against your messenger.....”

The secret behind this invocation is the enormous calamity and torture that was afflicted on our master, Imam Husain (as) on this day at Kerbala. Allah the Almighty has promised that He will take revenge from those who oppressed him (as) through our master, Imam az-Zaman (aj), as spoken in the traditions. Thus, when a believer remembers on this day the calamities afflicted on the oppressed Imam (as) and that Allah the Almighty has pre- destined somebody to avenge his blood, his belief and love exhort him to invoke and ask for the reappearance of this avenger from the King of the Heavens.

Hence, such a demand has been recommended in this supplication. Moreover, one who prays for this day will find an occasion whose reward cannot be measured by anyone except Allah the High and that is, seeking the revenge of the blood of Imam Husain (as), the leader of the martyrs.