20. Eve Of 15th Shaban

Since this night heralds the birth of our Master, Saahebuz Zamaan (aj), it is appropriate that the believers are busy in praying for him. It has come in traditions that supplications are accepted in this night.

I say: Previously we had mentioned that this Dua is most important in view of scholars and therefore it is appropriate that we should give it precedence at every occasion of recitation; and that which supports our point is that the writer of Jamaalus Saliheen has quoted a very valuable Dua from our master for this night. This supplication begins as follows:

اللهم صل على محمد سيد المرسلين، وخاتم النبيين...

O Allah, bless Muhammad, the chief of the messengers and the seal of the prophets…

We shall present this Dua at the beginning of Part Seven and also discuss its importance there.

And also that which supports our contention is a Dua mentioned in Iqbal, quoting from Zaadul Maad, which begins as follows:

اللهم بحق ليلتنا هذه ومولودها...

“O Allah, for the sake of this night of ours and for the sake of the one who was born in it…”

By this we can estimate the greatness and importance of this night, lest we spend it inattention and carelessness, and abandon the service of His Eminence in it. One who is not convinced about the importance of this night must see what Imam Ja’far Sadiq (as) has said regarding this matter. He says: “If I live till his time, I will serve him all my life.” In addition to this, this Dua is a form of thanksgiving for a great bounty, that is the birth of Imam Qaim (aj); and as mentioned in some traditional reports in Mustadrakul Wasail, it is the night when deeds are presented to the Imam (as) for inspection.

 ولو ادركته لخدمته أيام حياتي