23. Eve Of The 6th Of The Month Of Ramadan

This supplication can be found in Al-Iqbal, narrating from the book of Muhammad Ibne Abi Qurrah, and it is as follows:

اللهم لك الحمد، واليك المشتكى. اللهم أنت الواحد القديم والآخر الدائم والرب الخالق والديان يوم الدين تفعل ما تشاء بلا مغالبة، وتعطي من تشاء بلا من وتصنع ما تشاء بلا ظلم وتداول الأيام بين الناس وتركبون طبقا عن طبق، أسألك ياذا الجلال والاكرام والعزة التي لا ترام، وأسألك يا الله، وأسألك يا رحمن، أسألك أن تصلي على محمد وآل محمد وأن تعجل فرج آل محمد وفرجنا بفرجهم وتقبل صومي، وأسألك خير ما أرجو وأعوذ بك من شر ما أحذر، إن أنت خذلت فبعد الحجة، وإن أنت عصمت فبتمام النعمة يا صاحب محمد يوم حنين، وصاحبه ومؤيده يوم بدر وخيبر والمواطن التي نصرت فيها نبيك عليه وآله السلام. يا مبير الجبارين ويا عاصم النبيين أسألك وأقسم عليك بحق يس، والقرآن الحكيم وبحق طه وسائر القرآن العظيم أن تصلي على محمد وآل محمد وأن تحصرني عن الذنوب والخطايا وأن تزيدني في هذا الشهر العظيم تأييدا تربط به على جاشي وتسد به على خلتي اللهم إني أدرأ بك في نحور أعدائي، لا أجد لي غيرك ها انا بين يديك، فاصنع بي ما شئت، لا يصيبني إلا ما كتبت لي. أنت حسبي ونعم الوكيل.

O Allah, the praise is for You and I complain to You only. O Allah, You are the One, the eternal, the last and the permanent. The creator Lord, and the recompenser on Judgment Day. You do what You want without any ado. And You give to whosoever You like with a request. And You refuse to whomsoever You like without being unjust. And You distribute the sustenance of the people between them, and make one of their ranks ride on another. I ask You, O one with majesty and honor and the greatness which has no decline.

And I ask You, O Allah, and I ask You, O Beneficent. I ask You that You bless Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad and that You hasten the Faraj of the progeny of Muhammad and our Faraj through their Faraj. And accept my fast, and I ask You for the best of that which I hope from You. And I seek refuge in You from the evil of that I fear. If You debase it is only for the establishment of proof and evidence. And if You protect it is to complete the favor. O helper of Muhammad on the day of Hunain his helper and supporter on the day of Badr and Khyber and Muta in which You helped Your Prophet, salutations on him and his family.

O debaser of oppressors and protector of the prophets. I ask You and I put you under oath by the right Yasin and the Wise Qur’an, by the right of Taha and the rest of the Great Qur’an that You bless Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad and protect me from sins and mistakes and that You increase to me Your help in this great month so that through it I may get peace and amend my defects. O Allah, I hit at the necks of my enemies with Your help and don’t find any helper except You. That I am thankful to You. Thus do what You like with me. Because nothing will happen to me except that which you write for me. You are sufficient for me and the best of helpers.