24: Giving Sadaqah For The Safety Of Imam az-Zaman (aj)

There is no doubt that this is a recommended action; it is a demand for the love of the kinsfolk of the Messenger of Allah (S). Don’t you give Sadaqah on behalf of your family members when you fear for their health and safety? Your Imam is more deserving of this. Besides, a special kind of attachment develops between those who give such a Sadaqah and Imam (aj) himself.

Another thing that indicates the importance of this act is the tradition of the Messenger of Allah (S). Shaykh Sadooq reports that the Holy Prophet (S) said, “The faith of a slave is not complete till he does not consider me above himself and till he does not consider my family above his family, my honor over his honor, myself over his own self.”1

Previously this tradition was quoted through another channel and its requirement is nicety of expression of love with regard to them (as) in such a way that the believer performs for himself, his family, wives and children, and this is a very big chapter from which many meanings can be derived as is clear to the people of insight. And we shall also indicate to the types of good turns to Imam (as).

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