30. After Reciting The Ziyaarat Of Imam az-Zaman (Aj)

This has been emphasized by the great Shaheed-e-Awwal, Muhammad Ibne Makki (a.r.), in his al-Duroos.

I say: That which supports this point is the supplication that is to be recited after the Ziarats of His Eminence, each of which will be mentioned in Part Eight, Insha Allah.

Also that which proves this is the intellect and reason, because it is an accepted convention that when we are in the presence of great personalities we must pray for them. Therefore it is appropriate that one should be aware of the convention when one is reciting the Ziarat of Imam (as). And one must not be negligent of this matter. In addition to this, such a course of action brings us closer to him and it is what he expects from us as proved from the Epistle in which he is reported to have said: And pray more for the reappearance, as in it lies your success.