31. While Weeping Due To The Fear Of Allah

Surely, this is the best of times, when a person is proximate to Allah the Almighty and prayers are accepted. Thus, it is proper for a believer that he should remember his Imam (aj) by praying for him, thereby fulfilling one of his (aj) rights that is obligatory on him (the believer).

That which proves this is the report mentioned in Wasail - in the chapters of Qawaate’ Salaat – from Muhammad Ibne Ali Ibne Husain al-Sadooq (a.r.) who relates from his chain that Mansoor Ibne Yunus Bazraj asked Imam Sadiq (as) concerning a person who attempts to cry in his obligatory prayers till he actually starts crying. Imam (as) replied: ‘By Allah, it is the coolness of the eyes (i.e. it is loved by Allah).’ And then he (as) said, ‘When you reach to this state, remember me.”

I say: Obviously the Imam of the time possesses some rights on the believers. Hence, it is proper for every believing man and woman to act on the same, relating to the Imam of his time, for in this way he will discharge his duty towards his master with his body as well as his tongue.