33. At The Time Of Sorrow And Grief

As said before, it is found in traditions that Imam az-Zaman (aj) prays for one who supplicates for him. Thus, his (aj) prayer becomes the cause of dissipation of sorrows of the believer. It has come in numerous traditions that our Imam (aj) is aggrieved at the grief of his Shias and undoubtedly, he prays for them in their moments of sorrow, as has already been indicated in traditions. So, it is naught but becoming for the Shias that they follow in the footsteps of their master by supplicating for the removal of his sorrows, difficulties and grief, for his grief is also the cause of the grief of his Shias, as can be found in some traditions. Hence the significance of praying for him (aj) on such occasions.

This can be supported by the statement of His Eminence (aj) in his blessed epistle which we had mentioned previously that: “And pray more for the reappearance, as in it lies your success.” On the basis of this, the words ‘in it’ refers to ‘Dua’ that is: This Dua will cause you success and ease of your affairs and solving of your problems and removal of all griefs and sorrow, Insha Allah.