37. Day Of Ghadeer

It is the day when Allah the Almighty chose Amirul Momineen (as) and the infallible Imams (as) as masters over believers and the caliphs of the Seal of the Prophets (S). It is this very mastership that has been inherited by Imam az-Zaman, Hazrat Mahdi (may Allah hasten his reappearance) from his honorable forefathers (as). On this day, when the believer sees that the usurpers are dominant, the oppressors overwhelming and the protector of religion concealed, his belief and love compel him to pray for his (aj) early reappearance and his comfortable emergence. For certainly, it is the day of the covenant’s renewal, the given oath, and praying for the reappearance of the Imam of the Time (aj).

That which shows emphasis of this Dua on Ghadeer Day is the special Dua which is recommended in the books of Iqbal and Zaadul Maad1. The Dua begins with the following:

اللهم إني أسألك بحق محمد نبيك، وعلي وليك، والشأن والقدر الذي خصصتهما به دون خلقك. 

O Allah, indeed I ask You for the sake of Muhammad, Your Prophet and Ali, Your Wali and for the sake of the position and value with which You have reserved for the two of them only, to the exception of Your (other) creatures…

And in the end it is mentioned:

اللهم فرج عن أهل بيت محمد، واكشف عنهم، وبهم عن المؤمنين الكربات، اللهم املأ الأرض بهم عدلا كما ملئت ظلما وجورا، وأنجز لهم ما وعدتهم إنك لا تخلف الميعاد.

O Allah, grant success to the believers and remove their distress through Ahle Bayt (as) of Your Prophet. O Allah, fill up through them the earth with justice and equity just as it is filled with injustice and oppression and fulfill what You have promised them, indeed You don’t go against Your word.

It is also recommended on this day to pray to the Almighty that He may include you among the companions of the Imam (as), may the Almighty Allah hasten his advent. There is a lengthy prayer about this in Iqbal, which concludes with the following sentences:

 اللهم إني أسألك بالحق الذي جعلته عندهم وبالذي فضلتهم على العالمين جميعا، ان تبارك لنا في يومنا هذا الذي كرمتنا فيه بالوفاء بعهدك الذي عهدت إلينا، والميثاق الذي واثقتنا به من موالاة أوليائك، والبراءة من أعدائك، وتمن علينا بنعمتك وتجعله عندنا مستقرا ثابتا، ولا تسلبناه ابدا ولا تجعله عندنا مستودعا فإنك قلت *(فمستقر ومستودع)* فاجعله مستقرا ثابتا، وارزقنا نصر دينك، مع ولي هاد من أهل بيت نبيك، قائما رشيدا هاديا مهديا من الضلالة إلى الهدى، واجعلنا تحت رايته، وفي زمرته شهداء صادقين مقتولين في سبيلك، وعلى نصرة دينك.

O Allah, I ask You by the right that You have made rightful with. And by which you gave them excellence over all the worlds that You bless for us this day, which you honored us with for fulfillment of the covenant that You had taken from us. And the oath that You made us subservient to love Your friends and be aloof from Your enemies. [And I ask You] that You bless us with Your bounties and make them permanent for us. And under no circumstances must You take away this bounty [of Wilayat] from us.

And let it be a trust with us. As You say: “Then there is (for you) a resting-place and a depository”. So make him firm and rested. And make us helpers of Your religion in service of Your Wali the guide from the family of Your Prophet at the time when he will rise up guided, the guide, the guided from deviation to guidance and put us under his flag and in his army of those who are martyred in Your cause and in the help of Your religion.

Very close to this meaning is the supplication mentioned in Zaadul Maad and what we have quoted will be beneficial for those who seek guidance.

  • 1. Iqbaalul Aamaal, Pg. 1/492; Zaad al-Maad, Pg. 342