37: Pleasing The Believers

Pleasing the believers during the time of Ghaibat makes the Imam (aj) very happy. Pleasing the believers is possible through monetary assistance and physical help. Sometimes their pleasure is obtained by solving their problems or recommending their case to some authorities or even by praying for them. At other times we could make them happy by giving them respite for the repayment of a debt. Thus while performing any of the above actions if the intention of the doer is that Imam (as) will be pleased with it, he will get the reward for it. Rather, there is more virtue in this than merely pleasing the believers.

A tradition of Imam Sadiq (as) in Al-Kafi says, “Those of you who please a believer should not think that you have pleased only this believer. By Allah! He has pleases us! Rather by Allah! He has pleased the Messenger of Allah (S).”1 In the same book through the author’s own chain of narrators it is narrated from Imam Ja’far Sadiq (as) that he said: One who pleases a believer, it is as if he has pleased the Messenger of Allah (S) and one who pleased the Messenger of Allah (S) has pleased the Almighty Allah and similar is the case of one who makes a believer sad.2

In the same book in a correct report, it is narrated from His Eminence (aj) that he said: Allah, the Mighty and Sublime revealed to Prophet Dawood (as): Indeed, a servant of Mine performs one good deed and I make the Paradise lawful for him. Dawood (as) asked: O Lord, what good deed is that? The Almighty Allah replied: He gives a joy to a believer servant of Mine, even though it might have been with a single date. Dawood (as) said: O Lord, it is appropriate that one who recognizes You should not lose hope from You.3 There are numerous traditional reports to this effect, and what we have mentioned is sufficient to those with insight.

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