38. All Possible Times Of The Day And Night

The evidence of this statement lies in the tradition related by Faiz bin al- Mukhtar from Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq (as) when he (as) was asked concerning the Ziarat of Imam Husain (as), ‘Is there any particular time for this visitation, which we can call as the best time?’ Imam (as) replied, “Visit him at all times and whenever possible. Indeed, his visitation is the best thing. Whoever visits him more, has indeed performed abundant goodness and whoever does less, he will get lesser reward. Make yourself free for his Ziarat. For, the good deeds are multiplied during this act and this is the time when the angels descend for his visitation.”

I say: It is supported by the statement of His Eminence (aj) that: “Good deeds are rewarded many times on this day.” And since there is no doubt that Dua is the best of the worship acts, especially the Dua mentioned above, that is Dua for hastening the reappearance and victory of the oppressed hidden Imam (as) – and what we have mentioned is as brilliant as light upon Mt. Tur.