39. While Present In The Gathering Of Opponents And Usurpers Of The Rights Of The Imams (As)

Whenever we attend such gatherings, it is obligatory on us to pray for the reappearance of Imam az-Zaman (aj). Yunus Ibne Zibyaan says that I asked Imam-e-Sadiq (as), ‘May I be sacrificed for you, what should I say when I attend the gatherings of the Bani Abbas ?’. He (as) replied, “When you are with them, remember us, then say:

اللهم أرنا الرخاء والسرور فإنك تأتي على كل ما تريد...

‘O Allah! Provide us comfort and joy, for surely, whatever You desire, occurs’.”

It is clear that the last sentence of this comprehensive but brief supplication is actually invoking for the reappearance and the manifestation of the rightful government, when he (as) says, ‘For surely, whatever You desire, occurs.’ Moreover, it is also evident that this prayer, in these words, is for dissimulation (Taqayyah) and there is no particularity for it. The only benefit that one can draw from this is the supplication for reappearance, its exhortation and one’s readiness, while attending such unfriendly congregations, to pray for an early reappearance, which Allah, Mighty and Glorified, has promised on account of His obligation and nobility because He is near to the servants and He accepts their supplications.