4. After Morning Prayer

Among the times emphasized for praying for the reappearance, is after Dawn prayers. Its evidence lies in the continuation of the importance discussed for the Zuhr prayers, as narrated by Allamah Majlisi (a.r.) in his book, Al- Miqyaas. Concerning the post-dawn prayer rituals, he writes, “After completing the Dawn prayers, before you speak any word, recite a hundred times:

اللهم إني أسألك، ولم يسأل مثلك، أنت موضع مسألة السائلين، ومنتهى رغبة الراغبين، ادعوك ولم يدع مثلك وأرغب إليك، ولم يرغب إلى مثلك، أنت مجيب دعوة المضطرين، وأرحم الراحمين. أسألك بأفضل المسائل وأنجحها، وأعظمها، يا الله، يا رحمن، يا رحيم، وبأسمائك الحسنى، وأمثالك العليا، ونعمك التي لا تحصى وبأكرم اسمائك عليك، وأحبها إليك، وأقربها منك وسيلة، وأشرفها عندك منزلة، واجزلها لديك ثوابا وأسرعها في الأمور اجابة. وباسمك المكنون الأكبر الأعز الأجل الأعظم الأكرم، الذي تحبه وتهواه وترضى به عمن دعاك به فاستجبت له دعاءه، وحق عليك أن لا تحرم سائلك، ولا ترده. وبكل اسم هو لك في التوراة والإنجيل والزبور والقرآن العظيم وبكل اسم دعاك به حملة عرشك وملائكتك وأنبياؤك، ورسلك، وأهل طاعتك من خلقك، أن تصلي على محمد وآل محمد، وأن تعجل فرج وليك، وابن وليك، وتعجل خزي أعدائه.

O Allah, I beg You that which was not asked from Your type, You are in the position to answer the needier and extreme desire of those who desires, I call You, the call that was not made to Your type, I desire from You the desire that was not made to Your type, You answer the call of the compelled ones and the most merciful of the merciful ones. I request from You the best, the tremendous and most successful issue, O Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful, and by the sake of Your beautiful names and exaltedness of Yourself and Your uncountable favors and by the Most honored names to You which You love most and which are most closer to You, whose rank is more exalted before You and morerecompensed before You that hasten the acceptance of request, for the sake of Your great hidden name that is honored, mighty and more splendid. The name You love which pleases You if You are called with it.

Thus You answer the call; it is Your responsibility not to prohibit or reject those that request You. For the sake of Your name mentioned in Torah, Injil and Zaboor and in the glorious Qur’an, and for the sake of Your name called by the angels and the bearers of Your Throne, Your apostles and the messengers and those obedient servants among Your creatures, so send Your blessing on Muhammad and on the family of Muhammad and hasten the relief of Your Wali the son of Your Wali and quicken the humiliation of his enemies.