42: Gifting The Thawab Of Prayers To Imam (aj)

This is also included among the duties of Shias during Ghaibat. The proof is the tradition related by Sayyid Ibne Tawoos (r.a.) from Abu Muhammad Saimri that it is narrated from the holy Imam (aj): “One who gifts the Thawab of his prayers to the Messenger of Allah (S), Amirul Momineen and the Imams after him, Allah shall increase the reward of this prayer to such an extent that one becomes breathless while counting it.

And before his soul is separated from his body he is told, ‘O Man! Your gift has reached me! Since this is the day of recompense, may your heart gladden and eyes brighten through the recompense that Allah has fixed for you and which you have reached. Congratulation for it.’” The narrator says that he asked Imam (aj) how they should gift the prayer and what they should recite to gift its Thawab. Imam (as) told him, “Make an intention (niyaat) that the Thawab of this prayer is for the Messenger of Allah (S)….”1

The author of this book, Muhammad Taqi Musawi (r.a.) says: It is clear from the concerning traditional reports that it is recommended to gift the reward of recommended as well as obligatory prayers to the Messenger of Allah (S) and the Holy Imams (as).

  • 1. Jamaal al-Usboo, Pg. 15