49: To Take Care Of The Rights And Duties Towards Imam (aj)

The rights of the Holy Prophet (S) and after him the Imams (as) have precedence over the rights of all other people in the world. And Allah has bestowed them this high station. He has selected them among all the people and made them the medium of bestowing the mankind with every kind of benefit.1 The Holy Imams (as) have said regarding their rights, “The right of the Almighty Allah is for us.” Thus observing the rights of Imam (as) is a medium of gaining Allah’s proximity. And to consider his right unimportant is distancing oneself from Allah and earns His anger, as mentioned by Imam Sajjad (as) in Dua Abu Hamza Thumali: Or may be You found me considering Your right less important and distanced me from You.2

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