5. After Every Two Rakats Of Namaz-E-Shab

That is which proves this point, is the fact mentioned especially in supplications our scholars have quoted in their authentic books and some of them have quoted this supplication among the recitations that are supposed to be recited after every two units of Midnight Prayer. The supplication is:

وتجعلنا من أصحابه وأنصاره وترزقنا به رجاءنا وتستجيب به دعاءنا.

And make us among his companions and helpers and grant us all our hopes through him; and accept our prayers.

I say: In Jamalus Saliheen, the above supplication has following additional words: “And include us among his companions and his helpers; and give us our Rajat (return after death) through him and accept our supplication through him.”