54: Pray To Allah For Patience In Imam’s Separation

It is a duty of believers to ask Allah for Taufeeq of being patient in the Ghaibat of Imam (aj). This is evident from the words of the supplication of Amri (r.a.) regarding Imam az-Zaman (aj): “Bestow me patience in this.”

In another instance it is stated that the momin should pray to Allah to improve his worldly conditions and the hereafter because Allah has the key to everything. The Messenger of Allah (S) was told, “And be patient and your patience is not possible except by Allah.” The word ‘by’ in the above indicates causing or helping. Thus when patience is not possible without Allah’s help the momin is obliged to beseech Allah to help him in being patient where patience is suitable. It can also be taken to mean ‘from’ although the author of Mughni Labeeb has mentioned and it is not important to deny that which occurs in eloquent statement, in the same way as some scholars of syntax have denied that it is for discrimination; even though there are traditional reports from the Holy Imams (as) regarding this.

The Messenger of Allah (S) said, “Ask Allah for whatever you may need, even if it be a shoe lace. Because if Allah does not make its acquisition easy it would never be easy to acquire it.” In another tradition he (S) says, “Each one of you should pray to Allah for whatever you may need, even if your shoelace breaks, you ask Allah for it.” Numerous traditions have been recorded to this effect as also the verses of the Holy Qur’an. All this proves the efficacy of Dua for patience wherever it is required. Because there are many instances where patience is required but man is impatient. While on other occasions it is not desirable. So the best option is to pray to Allah that He grant us patience wherever it is appropriate.

For example: Many a times it so happens that one mistakes an occasion to be that of patience while it is not so; and one is patient when he should not have been and is not patient when he should have been. He remains quiet when he should have spoken up and he speaks up when he should have remained silent. It is a taufeeq from the Almighty Allah that a person places each thing in its proper place and does everything at its appropriate time. Thus a believer who wants to tread the path of guidance, his duty is to beseech the Almighty to give him patience and make him cognizant of the occasion, whether it demands patience or not.

For example: According to traditional reports Allah, the Mighty and Sublime has ordered patience as mentioned in Kafi, in tradition of Imam Ja’far Sadiq (as) in which he says: Allah, the Mighty and Sublime specialized His messengers with the best of manners, thus check yourself; if you are having those qualities, thank Allah, and know that it is your excellence. If you don’t have those qualities, beseech the Almighty Allah to bestow them to you.

Then His Eminence mentioned ten things: Certainty, contentment, patience, thankfulness, good relationship, cheerful nature, generosity, modesty, valor and forbearance.1 Some narrators have added: Truthfulness and trustworthiness. In the same book, in another tradition from His Eminence (aj) it is mentioned that he said: “I like one who is intelligent, understanding, thoughtful, forbearing, patient, truthful and loyal’ Allah, the Mighty and Sublime chose the messengers especially for these excellent qualities, thus one who has these traits should praise the Almighty Allah and one who lacks them should pray that the Almighty Allah bestows him these. The narrator says: May I be sacrificed on you, what are those qualities? His Eminence replied: Piety, contentment, patience, thankfulness, forbearance, modesty, generosity, valor, self respect, goodness and truthfulness.2

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