59: Self Improvement (Development)

The next duty is to get rid of dirty habits and evil traits and to embellish our personality with good morals. This is obligatory at all times but it is especially emphasized for the period of Ghaibat because it is a necessary qualification to entitle one for being included among his companions. Nomani (r.a.) has recorded a tradition from Imam Sadiq (as) that says: “One who desires to be included among the companions of Imam az-Zaman (aj) must be a Montazir (one who awaits), and he should be pious and of good behavior. So even if he dies before the reappearance of Imam (as) he would get the same reward as if he had been with the Imam (as). Strive and await! If you want to be bestowed with Divine Mercy.”1

I say: In this tradition there is proof that the whole reward of awaiting can be gained through piety and good manners as we have previously explained.

  • 1. Ghaibat Nomani, Pg. 106