64: Praying To Allah That We Do Not Lose The Remembrance Of Imam (aj)

We should pray to Allah that we never forgo the remembrance of Imam (aj). This is so, because Allah has prescribed a code of conduct for us with regard to Imam (aj) and it is subject to the fact that we remember Imam (aj) constantly. A sentence of Shaykh Amri is quoted in Kamaluddin: “Do not erase the remembrance of Hazrat (aj) from our hearts.”1 Please ponder upon these words.

How it is an important component of Dua and how the Shias are advised to include such words in their invocations. We should never ignore this important point. We must keep them in mind especially when we have high hopes of having our invocations accepted. We must beseech Allah and request Him not to make us negligent of Imam’s remembrance.

We must not delay this so much that one is afflicted with the malady of unawareness before he starts praying. According to the traditions of the Holy Imams (as) it is necessary for the momin to pray before the descent of calamities. One should avoid all such sins that deprive one of the Imam’s remembrance because it is a great misfortune as mentioned in supplications of Imams (aj):

“O Allah! Forgive us those of our sins that cause the descent of misfortune (and wretchedness).” Indeed, the wretchedness of forgetting the remembrance of Imam (aj) is such an unfortunate thing that it makes one liable for calamities and misfortune in this life as well as the hereafter.

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