67: Respecting All Those Who Are Near To Imam (aj) Or Those Who Are Associated With Him

Whether those who are close to Imam (aj) by relation, like the Alawi Sadaat or spiritually near ones like the scholars and religious personalities. This is so because respecting them is respecting Imam (aj) and it is usually observed by the intelligent people. They accord respect and honor to the children, brothers and near ones or great personalities and thus they are respectful to all the persons associated with Imam (aj).

They also consider any kind of failure in according respect to them an act of audacity against Imam (aj). It is something that no sensible person would deny. And our Imams (as) have mentioned this in a number of traditions that have come down from them. Some of them we have quoted in duty no. thirty-one, thirty-seven and forty eight etc.

In addition to this is that which will come in duty sixty-eight; and that also supports this point. The reader may refer to those sections and think upon it. Thus it is our duty to honor those who are related to the Imam, be it the Sadaat who are related to him or the scholars who specialize in the traditions of the Holy Imam (aj) and his ancestors; so that we may be able to gain the proximity and love of the Imam of the Time (aj). May the Almighty Allah give us all Taufeeq to act on this duty.