7. In Prostration (Sajdah)

The seventh occasion in which it is emphasized to pray for early reappearance is the position of Sajdah for the Almighty Allah because it is the most proximate position to Allah the fulfiller of supplications, according to the statements that have been recorded from the Holy Imams (as). Therefore the best thing is to mention the most important matter when one is in prostration and that one should pay special attention to it.

Especially the prostration of thanksgiving, when you should understand that all the bounties that Allah has given are only because of the blessing of our master, the Master of the Time (as). We must also know that to pray for one, who is the cause of blessings reaching us and the medium thereof, is the best way to pay thanks as has been explained in the foregone section of this book. Proving this are the traditions especially on the Sajdah Shukr, mentioned in Tohfatul Abraar, quoting from Muqna that Shaykh Mufeed said: The supplication that is to be recited in the Sajdah Shukr is as follows:

 اللهم إليك توجهت وبك اعتصمت وعليك توكلت. اللهم أنت ثقتي ورجائي، فاكفني ما أهمني وما لم يهمني وما أنت أعلم به مني عز جارك وجل ثناؤك ولا إله غيرك صل على محمد وآل محمد، وعجل فرجهم ...

O Allah, to You only I turn and to You only I cling and on You do I rely. O Allah, You are my hope and refuge. Thus suffice me in that which has aggrieved me. And that which has not made me aggrieved and that which You know better than me. One who took refuge was honored and Your praise is high and there is no god except You. Bless Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad and hasten their reappearance.

In addition to this, it would be emulation of the Holy Imam (as) as mentioned in traditions that when His Eminence was born he fell into prostration and recited supplication, thus showing its importance and that it may be a lesson for the Shias of the Imam.

The chief of tradition scholars, Shaykh Sadooq, in Kamaluddin, has narrated through his own chain of narrators, that Lady Hakima said in a lengthy traditional report:…I saw her as glows of light on her strained my eyes. I was seeing the baby that was prostrating on his face, hobbling on his knees, raising his forefingers towards the heavens and saying: I bear witness that a deity other than Allah, the One without a partner, is not; and that my grandfather is the Messenger of Allah; and that my forefather is Amirul Momineen. He then counted each and every Imam until he reached himself and said: O Allah, fulfill me my promise, complete my enterprise for me, strengthen my position and fill the earth through me with equity and justice…1

  • 1. Kamaluddin; Shaykh Sadooq; Vol. 2/428