9. Every Morning And Evening

Reason and traditions, both show that among the best times for reciting this Dua is in the morning as well as the evening; and every sane and knowing person, without any doubt makes special arrangement and knows that this act is most emphasized for every morning and evening so that at least some rights of the Imam are fulfilled by it. It also shows how sincere that person is towards his masters and this sincerity is displayed every morning and evening.

Thus it is necessary for us to follow this program, because we know that the different types of bounties that the Almighty Allah has bestowed on us are only due to the barakah of our master, the Master of the Time (as) as we have proved this matter with evidences. Therefore it is a must for us to present our complete being for his service every morning and evening and you should know that you are not far from his sight and hearing.

Thus, in the epistle addressed to Shaykh Mufeed, the Holy Imam has mentioned: Surely we are neither negligent of your affairs, nor are we forgetful of your remembrance.

Then open up the ears of your heart, be prepared for his service and obey his command as you are ordered to as mentioned in the previous sections, that the Imam has ordered his followers: And pray more for an early reappearance as in it lies your success. This much reminder is sufficient in this matter and the Almighty Allah is Himself the guide of the people.

And as for narrational proof: This point is mentioned in the special Dua for the morning and evening as taught by Imam Ja’far Sadiq (as) as recorded by Thiqatul Islam Kulaini (r.a.) in Usool Kafi through his own chain of narrators from Furat bin al-Ahnaf from His Eminence, Abi Abdullah Sadiq (as) that he said: Even though you may leave everything, never give up this. You must recite every morning and evening:

 إني أصبحت استغفرك في هذا الصباح، وفي هذا اليوم لأهل رحمتك، وأبرأ إليك من أهل لعنتك. اللهم إني أصبحت أبرأ إليك في هذا اليوم، وفي هذا الصباح ممن نحن بين ظهرانيهم من المشركين، ومما كانوا يعبدون، انهم كانوا قوم سوء فاسقين. اللهم اجعل ما أنزلت من السماء إلى الأرض في هذا الصباح وفي هذا اليوم بركة على أوليائك، وعقابا على أعدائك اللهم وال من والاك، وعاد من عاداك. اللهم اختم لي بالأمن والإيمان، كلما طلعت شمس أو غربت. اللهم اغفر لي ولوالدي، وارحمهما كما ربياني صغيرا اللهم اغفر للمؤمنين والمؤمنات، والمسلمين والمسلمات، الاحياء منهم والأموات، اللهم إنك تعلم منقلبهم ومثواهم. اللهم احفظ إمام المسلمين بحفظ الإيمان وانصره نصرا عزيزا، وافتح له فتحا يسيرا، واجعل له وليا من لدنك سلطانا نصيرا. اللهم العن فلانا وفلانا والفرق المختلفة على رسولك، وولاة الأمر بعد رسولك والأئمة من بعده وشيعتهم، وأسألك الزيادة من فضلك والاقرار بما جاء به من عندك، والتسليم لأمرك، والمحافظة على ما أمرت به لا أبتغي به بدلا، ولا أشتري به ثمنا قليلا. اللهم اهدني فيمن هديت، وقني شر ما قضيت، إنك تقضي ولا يقضى عليك، ولا يذل من واليت تباركت وتعاليت، سبحانك رب البيت، تقبل مني دعائي، وما تقربت به إليك من خير فضاعفه لي اضعافا كثيرة وآتنا من لدنك أجرا عظيما رب ما أحسن ما أبليتني، وأعظم ما أعطيتني، واطول ما عافيتني، وأكثر ما سترت علي فلك الحمد يا الهي كثيرا طيبا مباركا عليه مل ء السماوات، ومل ء الأرض ومل ء ما يشاء ربي كما يحب ويرضى وكما ينبغي لوجه ربي ذي الجلال والاكرام.

O Allah, I have begun the morning asking forgiveness for the people of mercy in this morning and day and am aloof from the people of Your curse. O Allah, I began this morning seeking aloofness from the polytheists and what they worship. Indeed they are the worst of the transgressors. O Allah, indeed I began this morning asking You to bless what You send down from the heavens to the earth for Your Awliya and make it a punishment for Your enemies. O Allah, love those who love You and hate those who are inimical to You.

O Allah, make my end with peace and faith whether the sun shines or sets. O Allah, forgive me and my parents and have mercy on them like they brought me up when I was young. O Allah, forgive the believer men and women and the Muslim men and women, their living and their dead. O Allah,You know what changes in them and what is their end. O Allah, protect the Imam of the Muslims, by protecting their faith and help him with a great help. And make him have an easy victory. And give him and us from You a kingdom that is helped by You.

O Allah, curse so and so and different groups opposing Your Prophet and the rulers after Your Prophet and the Imams after him andtheir supporters. And I ask You to increase Your favor upon us and give stability in what You give and submission to Your command and to obey what You ordered so that we don’t accept anything in its place and we don’t sell it for a paltry price. O Allah, make me of the guided and keep me safe from the evil of what You have created. Indeed You make the destiny and there is no destiny for You. And one whom You led was never degraded. You are the Great and the High.

Glory be to You, O Lord of the house of Kaaba. Accept my supplication and multiply all that through which I seek Your proximity. Grant me from You favor and a great reward. My Lord, how nice You are to forgive me and how great is that which You gave me and gave me a long relief.

And concealed many of my mistakes from me, thus praise be to You, O my God, a praise which is extremely pure and blessed, a little of which can fill up the heavens and encompass the earth and what my Lord likes; in the same way as You like and are satisfied with and like that which is preferred by my Lord, the one who has majesty and honor.

I say: Also supporting this fact is Dua Ahad that shall come in Part Eight of this book, Insha Allah. Additionally what we have stated in the sub topic of praying after the Dawn (Morning) Prayer is also applicable to this (pay attention).

In the same way whatever was mentioned in the discussion of the presentation of the deeds of the people to the Imams every morning and evening, and their prayers for their Shias; therefore it is necessary for the believers to pray for the Imam (as). There are numerous narrations on this topic that are compiled in Al-Kafi, Basairud Darajaat, Al-Burhan and other books of our prominent scholars. Furthermore, that which is mentioned in the emphasis for praying and remembering Allah at these times, is also applicable for praying for the Imam (as); it is so because it is the best kind of supplication, as proved by the foregone discussions in this book. And the Almighty Allah guides to the path that is right.