Places Emphasized For Supplicating For Imam az-Zaman (aj)

As emphasis has been laid on the times of supplication for Hazrat Mahdi (aj), similarly some places have also been underlined, where additional importance has been laid on praying for his reappearance. These are either in following in his (aj) footsteps or due to some traditions that have come down in this regard or some wisdom understood only by the people of understanding. Anyhow, some of these places are as follows:

1. Masjidul Haraam

It is evident that Allah’s House is the place of acceptance of all prayers. Thus, whoever is aware of its importance and greatness in front of Allah, Blessed and High, and in the eyes of the Imams (as), prays for the reappearance of Imam az-Zaman (aj) in this house. Shaykh Sadooq (a.r.) relates in Kamaluddin that Muhammad Ibne Musa Ibne Mutawakkil narrates from Abdullah Ibne Ja’far al-Himyari (may Allah have mercy on him) who says, “I asked Muhammad Ibne Uthman al-Amri (the second deputy, may Allah have mercy on him), ‘Did you see Saahebul Amr (aj)?’ He answered, “Yes. My last meeting with him (aj) was in the House of Allah while he was saying:

اللهم أنجز لي ما وعدتني.

‘O Allah! Fulfill for me what you have promised me.’”

Also Shaykh Sadooq says: Muhammad bin Musa bin Mutawakkil narrates from Abdullah bin Ja’far Himyari that he said: I heard Muhammad Ibne Uthman al-Amri (a.r.) say: ‘I saw him holding the curtain of Kaabah at the Mustajaar while he was saying:

اللهم انتقم لي من أعدائي.

‘O Allah! (Help me to) take my revenge from my enemies.’”

2. Arafat

According to the supplication of Imam Sadiq (as) for this place on the day when the Hajis stay in Arafat, Imam az-Zaman (aj) does come over here, and the same can also be found in the supplication available in Zaad al- Ma’ad. We too have made a mention of it over here in the supplications of Arafah. Those desirous of reading it, can refer to it.

3. The Cellar (Sardaab)

The place from where Imam az-Zaman (aj) disappeared, in the city of Samarra, Iraq. For the significance of invoking in this place, one can refer to the various books of Ziarat. Perhaps we would mention some of them in Part Eight, Insha Allah.

4. Places associated with the Twelfth Imam

These are the blessed places which he has blessed by his visitation like Masjid-e-Kufa, Masjid-e-Sahlah, Masjid-e-Sa’sa’a, Masjid-e-Jamkaraan, etc. For the sign of those who love is that when they see those stops that have been visited by their beloved, they remember his ethics, feel pained by his separation and pray for him. Nay, they acquaint themselves with places where he had stopped, and his halts, just as a sign of their love for him. Thus it is said in a couplet:

I passed over the walls of the house of Laila. Kissing the walls and her houses. Love of the houses does not amuse my heart. But the love for one who resides in these houses has made my heart loving.

And in the same meaning it is said in another couplet:

It is my way to love the houses for the sake of those who reside therein. And people have different ways in what they love.

Hence, it is proper for a sincere believer, that when he enters the Blessed Cellar or sees any of the aforementioned spots, he should remember the attributes of his master. The attributes of beauty, majesty and perfection. He should also think about his (aj) enemies and deviated ones, as to why they detest him (aj). He feels extremely pained when he sees all these things and prays from the depth of his heart to the Almighty to hasten the reappearance of his master and fulfill his desires by repelling the enemies and helping his associates.

This is in addition to the fact that the aforementioned noble spots are the places of his worship and prayers. Therefore, it is appropriate that the believer treads in the footsteps of his master. Certainly, the supplication for his reappearance and removal of his difficulties is indeed the best worship and the most important invocation.

5. Mausoleum of Imam Husain (as)

When a believer realizes the atrocities faced by Imam Husain (as), the leader of the martyrs, and the calamities afflicted on him (as) and his family, he is filled with grief and sorrow. He is also aware that it is Mahdi, the Promised One, who will avenge the blood of Imam Husain (as). Thus, his wisdom exhorts him and his love for the Ahle Bait (as) impels him to pray for the reappearance of Imam az-Zaman (aj), the supplication of a lover inclined to his beloved.

The evidence of this lies in the tradition of Abu Hamza Thumali in the 79th Chapter of Kaamiluz Ziaraat, narrating from Imam Sadiq (as). While discussing the places of these Ziarat, after praying for Imam Husain (as), Imam Sadiq (as) says, “And you send blessings on all the Imams (as) as you send salutations on Husain (as). Then say, ‘O Allah! Complete Your words through them, fulfill Your promise through them..”1

In another instance, he (as) says, “Then place your head on the grave of Imam Husain (as) and invoke:

 اللهم رب الحسين اشف صدر الحسين اللهم رب الحسين اطلب بدم الحسين...

‘O Allah, Lord of Husain, cure the heart of Husain (as). O Allah, Lord of Husain, seek the blood of Husain.’2

The reason is quite apparent since it is Imam Mahdi (aj) who will avenge the blood of Imam Husain (as) and cure his heart by taking revenge from his enemies and murderers.

6. Mausoleum of Imam Reza (as)

In Kaamiluz Ziaraat,3 after salutations on each of the Imams (as), you say,

اللهم صل على حجتك ووليك القائم في خلقك صلاة تامة باقية تعجل بها فرجه وتنصره بها..

“O Allah! Bless Your proof and Your slave, the Qaim among your creatures, a complete, eternal blessing. Through it, You hasten his reappearance and help him…”

7. Mausoleum of Imam Ali Naqi and Imam Hasan Askari (as)

It is the city of Surre-man-raa-ahu (Samarrah). That which proves this is the point mentioned in a Ziarat in that same book.4 It is mentioned regarding them:

اللهم عجل فرج وليك وابن وليك واجعل فرجنا مع فرجهم يا أرحم الراحمين.

O Allah hasten the reappearance of Your Wali and the son of Your Wali and appoint our success with their success; O the most merciful of the merciful ones.

8. Mausoleum of every Imam (as)

Praying for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (aj) is the best thing to take us closer to them (as), to please them and to gain proximity to them. For details, one can refer to the chapter of Ziarat of all the Imams (as) in Kaamiluz Ziaraat. It can be said that certainly this prayer (for the reappearance) is among the most important duties of the creatures in every place which has some particularity and respect. Allah, High is His Honor, says:

فِي بُيُوتٍ أَذِنَ اللَّهُ أَن تُرْفَعَ وَيُذْكَرَ فِيهَا اسْمُهُ...

“In houses which Allah has permitted to be raised and in which His Name is remembered.” (Qur’an, Surah Maidah 5:27)

Indeed, this supplication (for reappearance) is the best of remembrances, the most beloved for the people of vision and the most important for those who derive lessons. Hence, it is necessary that it should be given priority during the nights as well as the days.

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