Caliphate From People Or Caliphate From Allah

The writer has already shown the political necessity of the Caliphate of Ali (a.s.), according to which, if Ali (a.s.) had been appointed a Caliph after the Holy Prophet (S), his Caliphate would have been from the people. Just as the Caliphates of the three Caliphs is considered to be from the people, by Ahlul Sunnat. However, it is not the religious belief of the writer and Shias that Ali (a.s.) should have been the Caliph due to political exigency.

The religious belief of the Imamites is that Ali (a.s.) is the Caliph of the Holy Prophet (S) by the leave of Allah. His appointment as Caliph was not in need of selection by people. It was only Allah that had made him the successor of His Prophet in the world and in the religious sphere. It is a link of the complete series of spiritual Caliphate and Imamate. The material factors are in no way allowed to interfere in it.