A Close Look At The Present Situation Of The World

On this point, the writer advises that a rational person should look with a critical mind, anything that is related to religion, politics and poetry or any other art. He must not be biased or bigoted. For if he sees the world through these eyes, he would not able to see the truth. There are very few truth-loving people in the world. Such are very few who could form an independent opinion. Most of the people can only follow blindly. The results of blind following does not need to be mentioned. The duty of man is to always try to unravel the truth.

First, he must work hard to do research and only then should he form an opinion. But those who look for truth and those who seek the truth and those who see the truth are very less in the world. Most of the people are such that they form an opinion without investigation and begin to act on it. Such people cannot form an opinion based on research. If their companion says that in China the crows are white, they would believe it without going to China or confirming it with a native of China or from a book of natural science. This is the condition of common people. They could not be expected to carry out independent research.

It is on this basis that the writer has no hope that this book will become very much popular. Since the writing is not aimed at common people, it is not expected that except for people of discerning minds, anyone else will like it. This book does not contain things that are required for popularity. First of all, it is not printed in colored ink. Secondly, the results of the research are not the same as the views held by common people. Thirdly, this book is different from Asian taste.

Fourthly, this book is filled with discussions of Muhammad’s Progeny. Apparently, it is not a taste of the Islamic world of this country that the merits of Muhammad’s Progeny should be propagated freely and that they should be seen in a wise way. Indeed, this book is not written keeping in mind the conditions of the present age. It is not to please any ruler, any wealthy person or a particular sect. The only aim of this book is public good. The writer does not expect any monetary benefit. He only intends to express the truth. By the praise of Allah, till date, the writing of this book has continued in the path of expressing the truth.

Obviously, the writer has no worldly greed through it that he should have deviated from the straight path. Selfishness and bigotry have never been allowed any scope therein. And why should he have deviated from the path of truth, while he had no intention to hurt the feelings of anyone or to usurp the rights of others. He considers all such things to be degrading. When the writer of this book had no desire for fame and greed for wealth or intention for gaining honor, why he should have taken up such freedoms. Anyone, who is needless of the world and the people and not dependant upon any government or authority, if even such a person cannot write the truth, only Allah can help him. Obviously, such a person would not be eligible for Divine Mercy.