It is a trait that is concerned with the family and society of the people. The first type of this wisdom as mentioned by us, is connected with the being of every person. No one is free from it. If a person lives in a corner of the world alone, then its relationship cannot be broken. But the next type, which in the terminology of rulership, is determination, it is clearly related to the children, friends and neighbors etc. This type informs us of their rights and how we should live among them. It is necessary for us to first improve our morals. And then we should become habitual of determination for achieving our aim. The tragedy of Karbala’ is also concerned with this type of moral quality.

We should know that the behavior of Imam (a.s.) with Lady Umme Laila, Umme Rabab, Lady Zainab, Fatima Sughra, Fatima Kubra, Sakina, Abbas, Ali Akbar, Ali Asghar, Aun, Muhammad, Habib Ibn Mazahir, Hurr and with all the participants of the event of Karbala’ informs us of the perfection of Imam’s morals. The behavior of the husband with the wife, the behavior of the brother with the sister, the behavior of the father with the son, the behavior of the uncle with the nephew, behavior of the friend with friend, of the master with his servants. All such ideal behaviors are explained through this great event in a beautiful manner.

Mir Anees, by divine help he received in composing the elegies (Marsiya), describes the events most eloquently. There is no doubt that the Mir has also, through his poetry, presented a study of moral science by this incident. The elegies of Mir only from these two aspects are such that ordinary people to whichever faith they may belong, must not deprive themselves from their study. Indeed, it is a misfortune not to get the chance of reading the Marsiyas of Mir Anees.

If Mir Anees were born in a European country, the educated public of that time would have sung his praises. But it is a pity that he was born in such an ignorant land, where his presence did not make any difference. The limit of ignorance is such that due to this carelessness, his literary compositions were printed on such cheap paper that even mediocre verse is printed on better material. The work of Mir Taqi Mir is printed in a beautiful edition. It is only so because it has reached the hands of those who have literary values and they could not publish it in any way less respectful. The writer is certain that when the Europeans realize the literary values of the compositions of Mir Anees they would definitely not leave any stone unturned in according it the respect that it deserves.