Important Points Regarding Dreams

Now we shall mention some points regarding dreams that have religious and spiritual aspects. We should know that the world of dream is strange. Everyone can see true dreams, whether one is an ascetic or a sinner, pious or hypocrite. Such as Prophet Yusuf (a.s.) had seen eleven stars, the sun and the moon prostrating in his dream; and the ruler of Egypt saw seven fat and seven feeble cows in his dream. But the spiritual aspect of dreams is such a matter that no wise and learned men of any religion can investigate it.

Ancient as well as the modern philosophy is helpless in discovering their reality, but both agree that they are amazing. Here, I don’t want to discuss about the actual material of dreams, what I want to state is that if dreams had not come into existence, some human beings would not have been able to understand those matters which are not related to the world of perception.

For instance, we perceive external things with the help of the power of perception or we can become aware of our internal matters with the help of our senses. But our external and internal powers cannot perceive in wakeful condition the feelings of dreams for which there are no words in any language. In the same way, there are some conditions related to death, which cannot be understood by any human being.

By the Grace of Allah and favors of Imam Ali (a.s.), the writer perceived such things through true dreams that had no connection with the material world and are generally understood only after death. Obviously, after getting such information, the writer or anyone like him can never adopt atheism, because after getting such information, one has to confess about life after death.

Here I cannot write about the personal aspects of my dreams but it is necessary to say that since there is life after worldly life, the atheist has no knowledge about it and that is why he denies life after death. Let people consider him very clever but with regard to the hereafter, such a man is ignorant. May I be sacrificed for my master, Ali (a.s.). I was saved from atheism with the help of His Eminence, Ali (a.s.); otherwise, atheism is becoming powerful by the day. Look at any community of the world; they are all in search for the well-being of the world and have no concern of the Hereafter.

Thousands of books are written about management and the writer has read many books on this subject; but the fact is that if this sinner had not received guidance from Ali (a.s.). he would not have obtained the recognition of Allah and the Hereafter. Peace be on one who displays amazing feats (Mazharul Ajaaib); you saved this worthless slave from destruction and showed him the right path so that Satan may not make him fall.