Lovers of Muawiyah Today

A gentleman who considered himself very intelligent and pious was also a fellow native of the writer. He seemed to be imbued with love of Muawiyah and he always mentioned the merits of Muawiyah and never refrained from this habit.

We are certain that after death, he must have reached where his beloved masters and guides dwell since many centuries before him. It is amusing that the gentleman has left a son, who is always praising the son of Muawiyah.

By Allah! The heir of that man is like the heir of his master. If his father was the lover of Muawiyah, the son became the lover of Yazeed. Well, the late gentleman used to often say that when Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a.s.) remembered Muawiyah as a brother, why do Shias curse him?

He often raised this objection before less educated Shias and showed his intelligence. Though himself he was not a learned man, he had learnt these things in the company of some educated people of his community. We should know that this objection as well as its reply is mentioned in Biharul Anwar.1

As a matter of fact, a Kufan objected to Imam Zainul Aabideen (a.s.), “Your grandfather, Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a.s.) remembered Muawiyah, as a brother; saying: ‘my brothers have revolted against me.’ Imam (a.s.) replied, “You don’t read the Holy Quran – ‘We sent towards the people of Aad their brother, Hud’ Prophet Hud (a.s.) was also like the people of Aad (a.s.) but Allah saved Hud (a.s.) and his followers and destroyed people of Aad (a.s.) by a strong wind.”

We should know that the tradition of Prophet, cursing the followers of Jamal, Siffeen and Naharwan is present. The word ‘brother’ used by His Eminence, Ali (a.s.), was according to the apparent faith of Muawiyah. Muawiyah’s honor is not proved by this title and neither is his innocence that could become a source of deliverance.

  • 1. Vol. 8, Pg. 430.