Reason of Leaving the Hanafite Faith

Everyday, my knowledge increased and from my investigation I came to know that the Shia religion and the religion of Ahlul Sunnat, specially the religion of Imam Abu Hanifah are completely different religions and there is no similarity between the two and the objections of these two religions also have no concern with each other.

Secondly, some points are lawful in both religions. But the matter of fact is that the religion of Shiite is from Allah, whereas the religion of Ahlul Sunnat is quite different from the religion of Hanafiya. In this way, the creed and law of these two religions have no connection with each other.

Obviously, it is not possible for me to show all the fundamental and secondary points of difference between the two religions, but I can write about the reason of my withdrawal from Hanafite religion, because in my investigation on this religion, I came to know that Abu Hanifah, the leader of this religion has founded it on analogy.

Obviously, creation of a new religion is not unexpected through the use of analogy, hence through research, it became clear to the writer that the religion of Abu Hanifah is very much different from a religion founded on Quran and traditions. The late Maulavi Abdul Karim used to say that Abu Hanifah had done a great favor on Muslims, that he has given them a completely new religion through his use of analogy. There is no doubt that Abu Hanifah has become an inventor of a religion and indeed, if he had not resorted to analogy, there would have been no new religion.