Sahifa Kamila And Merits Of The Two Caliphs

Ahlul Sunnat say that in a supplication of Sahifa Kamila are mentioned merits of the Righteous Caliphs. The supplication does not mention any names but it says: “Companions, who helped the religion, bore troubles and strived greatly in the establishment of faith.” Such companions are intended in this supplication. There can be no indication in this supplication for the three Caliphs, because those people did not help the faith in anyway, they bore no difficulties for religion and did not make any efforts for the establishment of religion. They always left the Prophet surrounded by enemies and bolted to save their dear lives. They never faced the infidels. They always avoided the hardships of Jihad. Then how can Imam (a.s.) pray for such people?

But since the word of ‘companions’ appears in this supplication, Ahlul Sunnat thought of their three Caliphs at once. Here the situation of Ahlul Sunnat is like the drowning man who clutches at the straw. The writer would like to state that if Imam Zainul Aabideen (a.s.) had really meant the two Caliphs, there was nothing preventing him to mention them by name.