Some Important Topics: Abdullah Ibn Saba And Shiaism

Ahlul Sunnat say that the founder of Shia religion, is Abdullah Ibn Saba. Thus, Shah Abdul Aziz Dehlavi in his book, Tohfa Ithna Ashar has also written the same in following Nasrullah Kabuli. In Milal Wan Nihal of Shahristani, the following is seen: “The Sabiya is the sect of Abdullah Ibn Saba, which believed in the divinity of Ali (a.s.). Ali (a.s.) had sent Abdullah Ibn Saba to Madayan and it is thought that Abdullah Ibn Saba was a Jew who had accepted Islam.

The belief of the Sabiya sect was that Ali (a.s.) is alive. He has not been killed. And there is a divine part within him. The sounds present in the cloud and lighting belongs to Ali (a.s.) and lighting is his rubbish and a short time before Judgment Day, he will come back to the earth.”

This statement shows that Abdullah Ibn Saba was the founder of Nusairi1 sect. Shia Ithna Asharis do not believe in the divinity of Ali (a.s.), neither call him God nor they deny his martyrdom. It is astonishing that Shah Abdul Aziz should write such baseless things! One has pity on the respected Shah. This writer left the Sunni religion after reading such books. How can Shia Ithna Asharis be compared to the followers of Abdullah Ibn Saba? What relation does Abdullah Ibn Saba has with the founding of Shia religion.

  • 1. Who believe in the divinity of Imam Ali (a.s.)