Speech And Activities Of Muawiyah Ibne Yazeed

It is written in Hayatul Haiwan that the son of the accursed Yazeed made himself aloof from the Caliphate of his father and sat for a long time on the pulpit. And after praise and glory of Allah he said: “O people! I am not interested in Caliphate and you consider the material kingdom to be something great, while I find it detestable and you all find me detestable too, because I will be involved with you and you would be involved with me. My grandfather, Muawiyah opposed Ali (a.s.) for this very Caliphate. His Eminence, Ali (a.s.) was rightful and superior. No companion of the Messenger of Allah (S) was equal to him in any quality. At last, by deceit, the Caliphate came into the hands of Muawiyah and then to Yazeed. Yazeed did not deserve the Caliphate. He committed greater sins and transgressions. By Allah, I am helpless due to lack of control on myself that I am speaking these words. The love of Ali (a.s.) is inscribed on my heart.”

The people of Shaam disliked the words of this supporter of Ali (a.s.) and the one who left the worldly kingdom. They caught hold of him and buried him alive, by which his soul departed to the spiritual realm. “Surely we belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.”

The matter of Muawiyah bin Yazeed is beyond comprehension. It shows the perfect power of the Almighty. The divine law is just. Muawiyah had obtained Caliphate and kingdom through force, deceit and dishonesty. He opposed Ali (a.s.) and confronted him. He destroyed the lives of thousands of Muslims. He painted the battlefield with their blood. In order to obtain the kingdom, he created thousands of mischiefs.

He continued to torture the followers of Ali (a.s.). He initiated the system of reciting curse on Ali (a.s.). He left no stone unturned to exterminate Bani Hashim. He forcibly took away rulership from Imam Hasan (a.s.) and had him poisoned. He tried his best to obtain allegiance for Yazeed and did not leave any effort to make his kingdom perpetual.

Anyone who has even the slightest worry about the Hereafter will never be so busy in acquiring worldly wealth and pelf. He was very much concerned about gaining personal honor and position and he also wanted that the kingdom should remain in his family forever. He remained so busy in all these activities that he did not spare a thought for after life. The result of all this was that he at last left the temporal world with a load of answerabilities. After him, his son did not even get this much time to stay in power. In addition to this, his grandson refused the kingdom and did not take it even for a day.

Dear readers! Just pay attention to the justice of Allah. The grandson sat at the very pulpit, from which he used to imprecate Ali (a.s.) and said: “My grandfather opposed Ali (a.s.) for this very Caliphate. Ali was rightful and none of the companions of the Holy Prophet (S) were equal to him.” The fact is that Allah is the true revenger; He takes revenge from the deniers in this world also.

O readers! See how the grandson of Muawiyah had spoken against him. The truth verily comes to the lips! This is only seen in the justice of Allah that the effects of the ugly deeds are seen in this world itself to some extent. No one could have expected the grandson of Muawiyah to speak such truth! Later, he said that the love of Ali (a.s.) was inscribed on his heart. This shows that the love of Ali (a.s.) is not a voluntary action.