Use Of Analogy And Personal Opinion Are Not Shia Practices

Ahlul Sunnat object that Shias do not follow analogy and personal opinion, but they resort to jurisprudence, whereas analogy and personal opinion is the final jurisprudence. The reply to this is that Shaykh Bahauddin Aamili writes in Zibdatul Usool, Shaykh Abul Qasim Hilli in Maarijul Usool, and Allamah Hilli in Kashaful Haqq have considered analogy invalid and say that analogy is the religion of Abu Hanifah and not of Shias. Shias do not give legal rulings based on personal opinion. Or in contravention of Islamic text (Nass), they do not prefer personal opinion as the source as Abu Hanifah used to do.1

Some Shia scholars, who have argued in favor of analogy, they mean by analogy, preference, choice etc.; problems of lexicology, etymology, diction, style, discussion upon the narrators, thinking upon different traditions. It does not denote solving the problems from personal opinion etc.

  • 1. For detailed discussions on this subject, refer to the Preface of Tafseer Safi, Preface of Tafseer Majmaul Bayan, and Asaasul Usool, Wasailush Shia, Risala Itteqadia of Ibn Babawayh.