About The Author

Hassan ibn Fazl ibn Hassan Tabarsi should not be confused with his noble father al-Fazl ibn al-Hassan Tabarsi, the author of the great commentary on the Quran known as Majma ul-Bayan.

Shaykh Tabarsi was a Shi'ite scholar and theologian of repute of the twelfth century A.D. His father Shaykh Abu Ali Fazl ibn al-Hassan ibn al-Fazl al-Tabarsi was a Shi'ite scholar and theologian of repute. He wrote many valuable works on theology. Majma ul-Bayan is the most important of these all, and it is on this work that his fame rests. The Majma ul-Bayan enjoys wide acceptance.

The fact is that in the beginning his father started writing this book after he finished Makarim ul-Akhlaq in order to complement it. He made a great effort and collected many traditions, but he did not live long enough to finish it. Then a group of interested people asked his son to follow suit and the completion of this work was left for the son to carry out.

He called it Mishkat ul-Anwar Fi Ghurar il-Akhbar. Most of the traditions in this book are cited from Al-Mahasin, by Abi Jafar Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Khalid al-Barqi. It seems that the author had an authentic copy of this book which is no longer available in that form today. Other main references are Rauzat al-Vaezeen by Muhammad ibn al-Hassan ibn Ali al-Fatal al-Neyshabori, Uyun Akhbar Al-Ridha’ by Abi Jafar Muhammad ibn Ali ibn al-Hussein ibn Baboyeh al-Qumi, known as Shaykh al-Sadoogh, and Majma ul-Bayan fi Tafsir al-Quran by Abi Ali al-Fazl ibn al-Hassan al-Tabarsi.