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Story no. 12: Hameed and Hameeda

Hameed forgot his bag in school.
In the evening when he wanted to do his homework, he didn’t have the materials required.
Without any other choice, he went to his sister Hameeda and asked for some pages and a pen. When Hameeda refused, he went to his mother and said “Mother, I forgot my bag in school. I went to Hameeda and asked for some pages and a pen but she didn’t give me”.
Mother asked “Hameeda why are you being so mean?”
Hameeda asked “Mamma, what’s that?”
Mother said “It means being selfish when someone is in need of help”.
And being selfish is a thing which is not liked and ill-favored in Islam.
Hameeda thanked her mother for the guidance and lent the pages and pen to Hameed.