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Story no. 13: Story of Akbar and Mahmood

Akbar paid no heed to his studies.
But his brother Mahmood made his way through higher classes one by one…
Akbar was very unhappy. Sometimes he would tear the pages of Mahmood’s books, sometimes take his stationery, and sometimes fight with him for no reason at all. When their father was made aware of these happenings, he decided to have a talk with Akbar. He told him “Why are you so jealous of your brother?”
Akbar asked “What’s jealousy, father?”
He replied “It means envying someone for something he’s got and you’ve not. It also means that when you aren’t progressing, you don’t want someone else to progress also. Mahmood has studied well and made his way through higher classes one by one, you do not want to do so. He has studied hard. If you too want to progress, then study hard and do not be jealous”.

Yes one of the things which is not liked is jealousy, in which some few people are involved.