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Story no. 24: Visiting the sick grandmother

Muhammad Ali and Muhammad Taqi were playing with each other in the compound of the house. Minu, who was busy in the vegetables and flowers of the garden, asked “Any news from grandma?”
Muhammad Ali said “Why, what’s the matter?”
She said “It has been 3 days since she’s ill. Won’t it be nice if we visited her and ask her health, maybe she is in need of food, water or medication”.
So the children went to visit her together. When they went there they saw her sleeping in her bedroom, but said “salaam” and seated themselves rather far from her bed. She got up and said “Minu dear, I’m really very thirsty”.

Minu went and brought her a glass of water. After drinking it, their grandma said “I wasn’t well but I’m alright now that you visited me”.
The children said “Grandma, may god make you and all the other sick people healthy”.